Why CoreWallet?

CoreWallet is an efficient foundation for emoney software products. Enterprises can use its scalable building blocks to create the exact application they require for their business and benefit from the many advantages of such a course of action.

Short Time to Market

Building a software product from scratch ties up funds, personnel and time. CoreWallet provides an effective shortcut. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the software allows companies to get their product ready within a short time to market. This allows for a fast adaption to local markets and payment infrastructures, resulting in a quick return on investment.

An All-In-One-Solution

CoreWallet presents a suite of clean, powerful and unified APIs. It offers a great bandwidth of configuration options: Various payment methods and currencies can be added as required and even 3rd party integration is an easy task, thanks to CoreWallet’s extensible architecture. The software is also well-prepared for PCI DSS compliance and customizable for all KYC, AML and CTF needs.

Quality Built by Professionals

Designed by secure coding professionals with years of experience in the payment industry, CoreWallet is a powerful and secure piece of software. All its modules are based on cutting-edge technology and are subject to regular tests and updates. The result:

A battle-proven platform, in which companies from several continents already put their trust.

Discover more to appreciate about CoreWallet on our documentation pages.