VAT handling

The system supports VAT handling through VatDefinitions that apply in certain conditions.

Depending on the configuration, the following Transactions require a VatDefinition:

  • Invoice
  • Fees

The applicable VatDefinition is either selected from a list (in the AdminUI) or the coded in the workflow to be determined on source/target-country and process-type.

Each VatDefinition has the following parameters:

  • Subsidiary - in which Subsidiary this VatDefinition applies
  • VatType - VAT type, such as 'None', 'Low', 'High', which can be defined per Fee
  • CountryCode - country of the 'other party' for which this VatDefinition applies
  • ValidFrom - from which date this VatDefinition is valid
  • VatRate - the actual VAT rate (between 0 and 1)

Each VatDefinition is the owner of a VAT accounting-account for every available currency.

A VAT transfer does not affect the TurnOver.