CoreWallet can be used for many possible applications – from loyalty programmes to peer to peer lending platforms.

We have built demonstrations around some specific use cases listed below. Before you dive into these demonstrations, please read the chapter on credit card handling in the demonstration system.

  1. An emoney wallet for ecommerce purchases similar to e.g. PayPal. This emoney wallet acts as a payment rail and can be integrated as a payment method into ecommerce sites. Purchases can be done as guest users or registered users with prefunded emoney balance. Please read chapter Ecommerce PSP for more information.
  2. Emoney P2P transactions. This scenario integrates with the scenario above, but adds P2P emoney transfers for registered users.
  3. Virtual transactions. A virtual transaction can represent any kind of real world accountable event, like a liability between two parties, a fee or similar. This demonstration allows creating, netting and clearing of virtual transactions.

The demonstrations are reduced to the bare minimum of parameters and configuration required; however, throughout the documentation of the demonstration, we’ll point out possible configuration options and enhancements featured by CoreWallet, which would usually be considered in a production application.


Please note that this demonstration system is continuously being updated; things may break or reset at any time and without notice. If something is not working, please try again later or let us know at info@trimplement.com.